Our production services

We have invaluable TV and film industry experience, which allows us to produce and package vision for any purpose. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce inspired, emotive and compelling visual footage that delivers your message with impact.

We will be working together with you to create a strong visual identity that helps define your brand and truly engages your audience.

TV Commercials

We create TV commercials and launch them with the TV Station on your behalf

Video Editing

We offer high-end video editing and export services for all types of projects

Live Shoots

We have been in planes, helicopters, tinnies and on ferrys – no shoot is too challenging for us

Event Filming

Lights, camera, action! We love filming and have vast expertise in shooting live events

Our Process



We start by creating a concept, we draft the storyboard and then compile a shot list.



Then, we prepare our camera equipment and go out on location to shoot the footage.



Lastly, we review then edit the footage and export it to meet your requirements.

Looking to hire some equipment? Check out our extensive range of cameras, lights and more.

The sky is the limit with us, so get in touch and we can discuss creative ideas for your next project.
Do you have something in mind?